Hospital Elder Life Program

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) for Prevention of Delirium

A comprehensive patient-care program that ensures optimal care for older adults in the hospital. HELP prevents delirium (a sudden state of confusion or change in mental state) and loss of functioning.

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Delirium Instruments

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The Latest from HELP

Using Simulated Family Presence to Reduce Agitation

Results from a trial featured in the International Journal of Nursing Studies in January showed statistically significant reduction of agitation in patients with delirium who received

2018 HELP Conference Registration is Live!

Registration is now open! You can register for this year’s HELP Conference on May 2nd in Orlando, FL at the American Geriatrics Society Meeting by clicking this link:

Improving Care for Ground-Level Falls in Assisted Living

New from co-author Dr. Sharon Inouye: An editoral in the Annals of Internal Medicine responding to this article from Williams et al., a large prospective cohort study of a tiered protocol with a