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Challenges Faced by Hospitals Implementing HELP

If you are interested in implementing a HELP program, there are several challenges that you may face. These were identified by Bradley et. al. in a recent article, "Translating Research into Clinical Practice: Making Change Happen". They report that the six most common challenges faced by the nine hospitals included in their study were:

  • Gaining internal support for the program despite differing requirements and goals of administration of clinical staff,
  • Ensuring effective clinician leadership,
  • Integrating with existing geriatric programs,
  • Balancing program fidelity with hospital-specific circumstances,
  • Documenting positive outcomes of the program despite limited resources for data collection and analysis, and
  • Maintaining the momentum of implementation in the face of unrealistic time frames and limited resources.

For more information and strategies to address these challenges, please see:

Bradley EH, Schlesinger M, Webster TR, Baker D, Inouye SK. "Translating research into clinical practice: making change happen." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 52:1875-1882, 2004.

Sustaining HELP

Multiple studies have illustrated the difficulties of sustaining new clinical programs. To better understand factors related to this issue, staff in thirteen hospitals that implemented HELP were surveyed. Factors identifies as critical to their success were:

  • Sustaining clinical leadership
  • Adapting the original HELP protocols to fit local circumstances, and
  • Obtaining long-term resources and funding.

For more information and strategies to address these challenges, please see:

Bradley EH, Webster TR, Baker D, Schlesinger M and Inouye, SK. "After Adoption: Sustaining the innovation. A case study of disseminating the Hospital Elder Life Program". Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 53:1455-1461, 2005.