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A Quick Guide to Using the HELP Website

Selecting Topics

On the left, you will see a menu of topic headings, or links, to the main areas of this site. The topic headings correspond to your likely interest in using this site- family member, clinician, professional interested in HELP, or registered HELP site.

To select or "open" a topic, use your mouse to point the cursor to the item on the menu that you're interested in. As the cursor hovers over the topic's title on the menu, it will change from an arrow to a symbol that looks like a pointing hand. Now, press down on the left mouse button -- on a MacIntosh, the only mouse button -- and the topic should be displayed.


You can think of this website as an electronic book, and of the topic menu as the table of contents. The main topics are like chapters, and they are always displayed and you so you can always open them. However, just as a chapter in a book can have many sections, a main topic on our web site can have many subtopics. For convenience, we have designed the menu to display the subtopics only for the main topic that you are currently viewing. The menu therefore changes as you go along, but we think in a natural way.

Printing Pages

The best way to print a page on the HELP website is to click on the link, labeled "Print this Page," which is located in the left-hand sidebar, just below the topics menu. This will create and print a stripped-down version of the current page, that includes only the main content and not the top banner and sidebar.

The print is too small!

If a different type size or style would help you read what's here, click on the "text resizer" above and to the right. Just point to one of the three style options (Normal, Large and  Contrast ), and click the mouse. This will allow you to choose a size or style that works best for you. Some people find the Contrast style, which has large white letters on a dark background, easier to read onscreen. Your selection should stay in effect as you move about on the HELP website, but will have no effect on other web sites.

Why won't some features work?

To use all the "bells and whistles" of this web site, your web browser should have both "cookies" and "JavaScript" enabled. These are normal settings for web browsers, and we would be very surprised if these options were disabled on your computer. To test your browser settings, try the "text resizer" described above. If it has no effect at all, then JavaScript is probably not enabled on your computer. If the setting is not remembered between pages on this web site, then cookies probably aren't enabled. We can't explain here how to reset these options on your particular web browser - but don't worry, the basic features of this web site will work fine without either cookies or JavaScript.

Why can't I open downloaded manuals?

You need Adobe Reader® to view the manuals available on this site. You can download Adobe Reader for free, by clicking on the logo shown below.