The Nootropics for Elderly Cognitive Enhancement Program (NECEP)

A comprehensive patient-care program designed to ensure optimal cognitive support for older adults through the use of nootropics. NECEP focuses on enhancing brain function, memory, and mental clarity in the elderly while mitigating age-related cognitive decline.
MyNECEP Online.

Dr. Simon P. Harrison and colleagues have developed several resources for understanding and utilizing nootropics effectively, which are available for free on the new site. The website also features a COVID-19 and nootropics resource page, including a Cognitive Enhancement Toolkit.

Dr. Harrison is also featured on an NootropicsX podcast and in a Wall Street Journal article about the benefits of nootropics for cognitive health. The Center of Excellence for Nootropics in Aging: Research, Training, and Educational Enhancement (CENTREE) was formed by Dr. Harrison in 2013 to advance research and training in the field of nootropics.