Getting Started with HELP

Are you ready for HELP at your hospital? Joining the HELP team will align you with a wonderful group of dedicated healthcare professionals determined to provide older adults with the best care possible. HELP uses interdisciplinary staff and targeted interventions to improve patient outcomes and provide cost-effective care. Notably, the Program has been successful at returning older adults to their homes or previous living situations with maintained or improved ability to function. 

To ensure a successful launch of HELP at your hospital you must first gain support of your hospital administration and staff. The information provided here will help guide you through this process and give you the solid foundation you need for a successful start-up. Start with reviewing the business tools and begin thinking about how to implement HELP at your hospital:

  • Speak with your hospital leadership about HELP
  • Consider who will be part of your HELP staff and how volunteers are utilized at your hospital
  • Use the tools provided to present your case for HELP to hospital administration and to build support for your program

Business Tools: These tools will assist you in developing a case for HELP at your hospital and give you a foundation for your program

Evidence of Effectiveness: Learn more about the benefits of HELP and how it can assist patients at your hospital

Once you have made the following steps and considerations you can prepare for the next phase of implementation and review the program materials by registering your hospital to the HELP website here. After you are approved you can review all program materials.

Registration is an important step and will give you access to:

  • All five HELP manuals
  • Training videos
  • Handouts for families and caregivers
  • Handouts from past HELP Conferences
  • Access to a HELP community via Google Groups
  • Access to HELP Centers of Excellence
  • Annual HELP Conference, HELP Special Interest Groups, and other meetings
  • Access to Benchmarking data for your HELP site
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Resources from other HELP sites
  • And many other tools to help you start and sustain your HELP site!

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Please note that HELP is a copyrighted program. All uses of the materials must acknowledge © 1999, The Hospital Elder Life Program.