In multiple studies, HELP has been demonstrated to be effective for prevention of many adverse outcomes of hospitalization:


HELP is also cost saving across multiple studies. The savings more than offset the cost of the intervention, thus, the program is actually cost-saving.

  • HELP saves >$7.3 million per year in hospital costs for 7,000 patients; >$1,000 savings per patient (Rubin 2011)
  • HELP saves $831 per person-year in hospital costs (Rizzo 2001)
  • HELP saves $9,446 per person-year in long-term nursing home costs (Leslie 2005)
  • HELP saves $121, 425 per year in sitter costs across 111 patients (Caplan 2007)

Based on the evidence, HELP saves about $10,000 per patient per year in healthcare costs.  Extrapolated nationally, the cost savings from implementing HELP would be over $20 billion per year. 

HELP has been demonstrated to be effective at multiple dissemination sites (Inouye, 2006); thus, HELP can be the solution to improve eldercare at your hospital!

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