Why Consider HELP?

When hospitalization happens, families and caregivers expect their loved ones to recover from their illnesses and return to their normal living conditions with the most optimal health possible.

However, more than two million older Americans this year will develop delirium and/or functional decline during their inpatient care. These complications can result in increased morbidity and mortality, prolonged hospital stays, increased provider liability, a greater likelihood of needing long-term care, and billions of dollars in excess health care costs. This scenario is not inevitable. 

The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) has been successful at returning older adults to their homes or previous living situations with maintained or improved ability to function.

How can your hospital benefit from HELP?

  • This innovative program prevents mental and functional decline in older patients while maintaining their dignity and respect.
  • HELP provides an opportunity for hospitals to become recognized as centers of excellence in the provision of geriatric care.
  • HELP brings awards and commendations to the hospital, such as Magnet designation and Joint Commission commendations.
  • Personal attention and support are caring services that are valued by patients and their families, leading to increased patient satisfaction and outcomes.
  • The hospital nursing staff appreciate HELP because it improves patient care without adding to their responsibilities.
  • HELP creates opportunities for many departments to become educational sites for geriatric care.
  • HELP provides good, cost-effective care. It’s a win-win-win-win for patients, HELP staff, hospital staff, and hospital administration.
  • HELP reduces negative patient outcomes such as falls, mental and functional decline, and unplanned hospital readmissions.
  • HELP creates a valuable experience for volunteers.  Increased interaction with patients makes the program unique and appealing to a broad range of volunteers, thereby strengthening the hospital's link to the community.
  • HELP provides a constructive, concrete experience to prepare families, communities, and our health care system for our aging society.

If you are interested in learning more about HELP or you are interested in starting a HELP site, click here to create an account with us to access these materials:

  • All five HELP manuals
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  • Handouts from past HELP Conferences
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  • Access to a HELP community via Google Groups
  • Access to HELP Centers of Excellence
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