The Center of Excellence for Delirium in Aging: Research, Training, and Educational Enhancement (CEDARTREE) formed in 2013 with the goal of advancing research and training in delirium. CEDARTREE offers comprehensive interdisciplinary training and mentorship in delirium research to attract interdisciplinary investigators to engage in collaborative, delirium-related, and patient-oriented research. CEDARTREE advances research and training, fosters dissemination of research findings, and serves as a local and national resource for delirium research. CEDARTREE hosts an annual Delirium Boot Camp and Scientific Symposium, sponsors delirium-related talks in the Boston area, hosts a visiting scholar, and will begin to offer small pilot-grants in 2014.

CEDARTREE is funded by the NIH, grant K07AG041835, and is under the leadership of Dr. Sharon Inouye in collaboration with Dr. Edward Marcantonio and other experts in delirium and related fields.