HELP can be found in hospitals around the world. This program focuses on assisting hospitalized older patients.  The main goal of HELP is to provide older persons in the hospital with the best care possible. HELP staff and volunteers work to:

  • Make sure older patients are oriented to their surroundings
  • Assist patients in meeting their needs for nutrition, fluids, and sleep
  • Keep patients moving during their hospital stay

Does your local hospital have a HELP program? Ask your healthcare provider today!

Finding a Healthcare Professional

If you suspect that your loved one is experiencing a delirious episode, it is important to obtain an evaluation from a trained medical professional who has experience in geriatrics. Locating a geriatrician, geriatric psychiatrist, or neurologist will be essential to diagnosing and treating the delirium.

Many hospitals have a geriatrician on staff or have a gerontology or geriatrics department. You can call your local hospital or search on the hospital website to see if these specialists are available. 

You can also search several local and national agencies for information on finding a geriatrician in your area:

Additional Resources and Advocacy

The Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging has a comprehensive list of organizations and resources on a variety of topics including advocacy for issues on aging, Alzheimer’s disease, elder rights, caregiving and long-term care.

If you would like to advocate for more resources for older persons, contact your congress person or local representative to advocate for research and funds to be dedicated towards caring for older persons. Click here to find your member of congress.

The resource at the following link may serve as a guide to hospital visits for individuals with memory loss.  A trip to the hospital for someone suffering from memory loss or dementia can be very stressful for both the patient and family members. Use this resource to learn about tips for making your loved one's hospital visit more comfortable.