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COVID-19 and Delirium: HELP Resources

Hot off the press: the HELP team has created a resource page for all things COVID-19 and delirium, including a Patient Toolkit with all the materials necessary to help older adults maintain cognitive and physical functioning - and prevent delirium - during their hospital stay. Specifically, this toolkit is designed to help older adults who are in isolation with no volunteer/family visiting and limited interaction with hospital staff. This resource is applicable for many settings, including but not limited to acute care, long-term care, and the emergency department. The resource page also includes information on advance care planning during COVID-19, palliative care, screening for delirium during COVID-19, social isolation, World Health Organizion guidelines, and more. Consider it your go-to resource for HELP, delirium, and COVID-19 materials, updated regularly.

Access the page here: