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DEL-B: Instruments to Measure Delirium Burden in Patients and Caregivers

Dr. Sharon K. Inouye and co-researchers on the BASIL study have developed two new instruments to measure the burden of an acute episode of delirium on adult patients and their family caregivers, respectively. These instruments, the Patient Delirium Burden Instrument (DEL-B-P) and Caregiver Delirium Burden Instrument (DEL-B-C) have been validated as a key first step in reliably measuring and evaluating the distress of delirium. A detailed study of these instruments was published in Gerontologist in May of this year, and you can access the instruments for free (with registration) on our site. Both instruments take between 2-3 minutes to administer, and they require little to no training -- suitable for clinicians and researchers alike!

DEL-B-P Instrument

DEL-B-C Instrument