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Lancet Psychiatry 2014 Profile

Lancet Psychiatry profiled Dr. Sharon Inouye and the Hospital Elder Life Program in their September 2014 issue. Click here to read more.

The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is one example
of Inouye’s humanistic approach; it embodies Inouye’s
deep caring for her patients and her ability to tease out
answers to questions others thought impossible to
address. In the programme, a skilled elderly care team
closely monitors all aspects of the patients’ wellbeing.
HELP also focuses on training nurses and pharmacists
to prevent administration of drugs that are particularly
harmful to older patients.

Although designed to prevent delirium by targeting
specific risk factors, and achieving great success in this
objective, HELP has also reduced falls in elderly people and
reduced hospital costs, and has been adopted by hospitals
across the world. Other recent research collaborations of
Inouye’s have focused on postoperative delirium, which
is in vital need of research, because it can lead to lasting
cognitive problems.