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Marilyn Hennessy - Advocate for Older Adults and HELP Champion

In a profile story, Classic Chicago Magazine announced the retirement of trustee Marilyn Hennessy from The Retirement Research Foundation. Marilyn Hennessy was founding executive director, proceeded by her tenure as president and CEO, of the Retirement Research Foundation (RRF) since its inception. The RRF is devoted exclusively to aging and retirement issues, with a mission to improve the quality of life of older people in the United States. 

Hennessy is a fierce advocate for the rights and well-being of older adults, awarding more than $225 million in her time at RRF to support projects that improve older adult quality of life. One of the projects that Hennessy championed was our very own HELP program, as she recognized the harmful outcomes associated with delirium and the potential of HELP to improve the experiences of hospitalized older adults. Without the support of Hennessy and the RRF, HELP would not be the global program that it is today.

You can read more about Hennessy's incredible work at and retirement from the RRF, including a shoutout to the HELP program, in this article