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The HELP Team at University of Utah: Commitment and Depth

The HELP team at the University of Utah Center of Excellence consistently guides the path as an example for other HELP sites around the world. Their program, started in 2010, covers 7 acute care units in addition to the MICU -- and has a staff and volunteer crew that can keep pace with this extensive workload! This summer's University of Utah HELP Newsletter highlights some of the dedicated members of their team and their contributions to the program. From nursing to volunteering, the Utah team is committed to bringing excellence to their work in delirium prevention.

The newsletter highlights, in particular, HELP leaders Dr. Mark Supiano (Program Director) and Nancy Joyce (Elder Life Specialist) and their contributions to the 2018 International HELP Conference. However, what makes the HELP site at Utah really shine is the depth of their team, as they have a successful history of bringing new volunteers, particularly pre-medical/nursing students at the University of Utah, into the HELP fold. Spotlights on HELP Travel Scholarship awardee Ashley Loosle in addition to nursing and pre-nursing students demonstrate the ways in which HELP can spark (and feed the flame of) an interest in a career in medicine. Utah is also thrilled to welcome summer intern Monique Scott to the team, an undergraduate pursuing a degree in public health. Be sure to read all about this fabulous team!